Can I HIIT it in the morning?


I’m a Tone It Up girl, so naturally I believe in a sweaty booty call to start my day. This doesn’t mean what you think it means. A booty call is a quick morning workout to get your body awake and blood flowing. According to research, HIIT is the most efficient cardio routine for blasting fat cells and calories. Also, working out in the morning causes your body to burn more fat and calories because your body is in fasted mode. Your booty call doesn’t have to be long. I usually aim for 20-30 minutes every morning. Today I am sharing a treadmill HIIT routine that is perfect for a morning workout. It leaves you sweaty and energized, making you ready to take on the day. Oh, and a bonus is, you’ll continue to burn calories all day long due to the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption effect; also known as EPOC. Head over to for everything you need to know about this. The girls at Tone It Up share workouts, recipes, advice, and much more. I swear by everything they do and treat the Tone It Up Nutrition Book as if it’s my bible. Check it out and thank me later!



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