Water, let’s talk about it.

Water is everything, at least to me it is. Water is such a basic chemical compound but the benefits of drinking it is endless. To start, staying hydrate gives you the energy you need to have a productive day. I’m not much of a coffee person, only here or there for fun, but not to keep me energized. I rely solely on water. It boosts your immune system and relieves fatigue. My favorite thing about hydrating my body with plenty of water is the natural detoxing effects. That’s right, it flushes out toxins, revealing healthy, glowing skin and reduces bloating (especially around that time of the month). Water promotes weight loss, acts as a natural headache cure, and so much more. Who knew something so simple could do so much? Please don’t tell me you are someone who doesn’t like drinking water. Water is willing to do so many positive things for you, just give it a chance! Posted below are some fruit infused water options for those who need some flavor. Each combination promotes detox and has a refreshing, cool taste. Check it out!


Cucumber + Lemon + Fresh mint (Reminds me of the water they give you at a spa)

Raspberries + Cucumber

Blueberries + Lemon

Fresh mint + Lime (Perfect for summer)

Lemon + Apple Cider Vinegar (I have a post about the benefits of ACV and why I start off every morning with a shot of it)

Orange + Mango

Strawberry + Mint

Ginger + Lime (Extra purifying)


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